Anti-Wrinkle Treatments (Azzalure)

Wrinkles are all something we want to avoid but there are so many factors that contribute to the formation of these unwanted lines.

The good news is that Azzalure, a highly purified and natural protein can be used to help create a smooth, youthful appearance leaving you with increased confidence!

Timeless Treatments
Timeless Treatments

Lip Enhancements

Lips are the most visual and sensual feature of your face and you should not underestimate the impact that well-defined, naturally-full-looking lips can have.

I only use synthesised hyaluronic acid, a natural component of lip collagen to restore a natural look giving them a fuller, poutier appearance.

Dermal & Facial Fillers

Loss of volume is unfortunately one of the first signs of facial aging.  The good news is that we can turn back the clock and help restore a more youthful and attractive contour to your face by adding volume in specific locations.

Timeless Treatments
Timeless Treatments


Profhilo is one of the latest innovations to tighten, lift, improve tone and restore the radiance of your skin leaving you with a fresh, natural look and softens fine lines.

Remodel your look in just 5 minutes!

Profhilo is perfect for people who want a younger complexion.  It’s the ultimate skin pick-me-up!

Jawline & Chin Contouring

Now you can improve facial harmony without surgery!

Careful and accurate placement of fillers at the jaw as well as in the chin and jowl areas can help recreate an aesthetically youthful and structured jawline.

The treatment is safe, quick, non-invasive, non-surgical and the results are almost instant!  What’s not to love about that?!

Timeless Treatments
Timeless Treatments


Hyperhidrosis is another term used to describe excessive sweating.  Whilst everyone sweats, some of us suffer more than others.  It’s an issue that can be quite embarrassing and have an impact on our self-esteem.

Don’t suffer in silence because the good news is that I can help!